PMGH have developed a strong, cohesive vision to lead our current and future collaboration strategies.

PMGH’s collaborative strategy is implemented across different markets and sectors on the basis of scientific methods and careful analysis of the local, regional and global markets.

In addition, PMGH believes in the principle of constant business development, diversification and geographic expansion. As such, PM Global Holdings business activities have expanded from the local market to cover extensive regional and global markets. The success of PMGH’s strategy is well proven by our numerous projects worldwide. Many of these are innovative landmark projects reflecting PMGH’s commitment to contribute to healthcare effecting patients lives in the most optimal, promising way. 

Our Strategy is founded on core principles:

Focus on core growth and value-added industry sectors


Our reputation has been achieved through a focus on growth sectors where value can be added. Predominantly these sectors are technology,  consumer, healthcare, education, and the pharmaceutical industry sector. 

PM Global Holdings network of highly valued contacts


 Chairman Pamela Mathews has developed extensive contacts among government and business leaders globally. These contacts allow PM Global Holdings to gain access to positive  synergies among separate partners. 

Our conduct is with highest ethical and moral standards


As a major company with global interests, PMGH is committed to operating to the very highest ethical and moral standards. This common goal is extended to our company’s ever-growing portfolio of investments.